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JINGOKU is like minigame Jenga - complete as many minigames as you can before the tower collapses! 

You’ll earn achievements, see your stats and find out how you rank compared to other players around the world.

Your ability be read Japanese will be of no use to you here, but fast and precise mouse skills shall see you well.

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A Buried Things game.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBuried Things
TagsFast-Paced, jenga, ld49, Ludum Dare 49, minigames, Physics, warioware
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
LinksLudum Dare


Jingoku - Windows 116 MB
Jingoku - MacOS 125 MB


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Its a good game, however sometimes it glitches and the tower explodes when a piece comes out normally

its a jingoku wario!


an options/settings menu would be a great addition, also a way to make teams (really just divide up scoring) so that we don't need to keep track of each-others points on pieces of paper IRL. Still, super fun game, hope to see more like it in the future :)


Made a video about this game for french viewers. It was fun! Hope you add even more minigames in the future o/

Deleted 205 days ago

Give us some pointers reily.69420, what's going to make this tick for you? 


Who cares what he thinks with that negative attitude? For me though, the time limit is a bit way too fast. 


not productive

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A really fun puzzle game in the same style as Wario Ware. I love how creative the micro games were from blowing a small ball with a hair dryer to file editing a software. 

I wish there was more micro games, but for what this game offers it's a really fun time.

I played this as part of a pack of 8 Itch.io games on my Twitch channel.


I love this game

could make the time a little longer tbh

I agree, an options menu that allows you to adjust the amount of time for each game would be great


I really like this game :)


I am very bad at this game, but this game is very good. Super cool concept and I'll keep playing.


I sucked at playing this but I had an amazing time! Really enjoyed the Warioware feel and playing jenga! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Wow this remember me wario ware, really nice game!

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My little brother burst out laughing when I played tug of war because I dragged myself into the water within two seconds of the game starting


Incredibly Polished for a game jam entry. Very addictive and really fun to play.

I hope you add more mini games as time goes on  


Very impressive for a Game Jam entry, many games, really polished and fun. Well done!


It was fun, I just wish that the transitions between the games were way faster. I found them pretty annoying after a while


Very well done.

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Awesome game. Simple, fun and clean. Congrats!


Ooooh my god, incredibly fun and addicting immediately. The achievements screen makes me want it on Steam 🙏 It's nutty how fun this is with being made in a few days. Congrats on the jam!

I DO think the timing on the texting minigame is harsh AF as one bit of early play criticism.


Brilliant! ❤️


How do you make a game like this in such a short time


One word... addictive! In the best way possible! This game is absolutely brilliant. The jenga concept is so interactive and fun. Finally got the hat on the stand! 


An absolutely seamless and addictive game to play. So impressed with the SFX and content within all of the mini games. Really well done. Would love for this to be a multiplayer party game I could purchase!